Rise of the Runelords (My Home)

Festival and Fire!
Goblins bite and Goblins burn!

Local Heros

As the events of the Swallowtail Festival come to a close and it’s time for the dedication of the temple, the renovated and updated replacement for the one that was burned to the ground years ago.

Suddenly Goblins pour into the streets brandishing torches, singing vile chants, and attacking the loyal pet dogs of the villagers! For fear of loosing their lives and possibly seeing the chance to seek a handsome reward from the locals, a few visitors to the town only here for the festival leap from their seats and save the lives of a poor dog and a very grateful weakling named Aldean Foxglove. Oh yes and the rest of the village also.

Suddenly thrust into local fame, they find themselves hero’s of sorts and gain the respect of the local sheriff.


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